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flower petal soaps x 1

lovely flower petal soap, in a zesty lime fragrance, made with goats milk. approx size 7cm x 6cm x 1cm (3" x 2 1/4" x 1/2") and 1 soap weig... Handmade  Soaps - flower petal soaps x 1

£2.25       P&P £1.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Silver Wire wrapped Green gemstone ring

Handmade ring, Select choice of green and light coloured gemstones and pearl effect beads wrapped in silver plated wire to create and ornate, organic ... Handmade  Jewellery - Ring - Handmade Silver Wire wrapped Green gemstone ring

£15.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Long Peach and Blue Glass Floating Necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Long Peach and Blue Glass Floating Necklace

£7.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Rose quartz wire wrapped chunky ring

Handmade  Jewellery - Ring - Handmade Rose quartz wire wrapped chunky ring

£9.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Pink Aluminium Squiggle Cuff

Handmade Cuff form Pink Aluminium wire. These cuffs are fun, comfortable, very lightweight and are malleable so they will fit any wrist. Nice bright,... Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Pink Aluminium Squiggle Cuff

£8.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

thankyou gift soaps x 2

a lovely way to say thankyou, with a fragranced soap, with the "thankyou" message embossesed on it in assorted fragrances picked at random 2 s... A Gift Idea Crafted by  janet randle

£3.75       P&P £Free       ♥ PayPal
Featured Item

Gold Shell Pearl Wire Bracelet

Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Gold Shell Pearl Wire Bracelet

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Gold wire and red gemstone bracelet

Handmade bracelet consisting of red gemstone barrels, tiny black round beads, held together with gold wire macrame. It comes complete with an extensi... Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Handmade Gold wire and red gemstone bracelet

£4.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade chunky Jasper Slab Ring or scarve ring

Handmade Chunky Jasper Slab ring. Wire wrapped in silver plated copper wire, it's a nice statement peice. All wire is hypo allergenic. It is qu... Handmade  Jewellery - Ring - Handmade chunky Jasper Slab Ring or scarve ring

£8.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Chunky Gem,stone Bracelet

Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Chunky Gem,stone Bracelet

£12.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Chunky mixed gemstone flower bracelet

Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Chunky mixed gemstone flower bracelet

£10.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Gold wire woven bracelet

Handmade gold plated copper wire bracelet woven in a fishbone pattern interspersed with ab crystals. It comes complete with an extension chain which ... Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Handmade Gold wire woven bracelet

£4.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Bright colour beads on knotted green cord necklace

A brightly coloured bead bracelet comprising bright green, pink, blue, orange and purple faceted cushion beads in mixed sizes of 15mm and 12mm, strung... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Bright colour beads on knotted green cord necklace

£9.80       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Freshly brewed coffee clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Freshly brewed coffee clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Irish cream clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Irish cream clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Fresh cut roses clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Fresh cut roses clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Mixed berries clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Mixed berries clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Strawberry milkshake clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Strawberry milkshake clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Pear drops clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Pear drops clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal


This is a new area for me, this is my first attempt, hopefully successful. It has been created crocheting coated wire with glass and plated beads. Co... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - CROCHET NECKLACE

£8.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal


Handmasde Blue and green kumihimo braided necklace with a wire pendant created from silver plated and coloured coated wire, forming a mesh complete wi... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - BLUE AND GREEN NECKLACE

£12.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade blue agate cabochon wire wrapped ring

Handmade  Jewellery - Ring - Handmade blue agate cabochon wire wrapped ring

£8.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade black and white polymer clay earrings

Handmade  Jewellery - Earrings - Handmade black and white polymer clay earrings

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Shell Pearl Drop Earrings

Handmade Silver / blue grey shell pearl drop earrings, will go lovely with either of the necklaces I also have in the shop. Finished with silver plate... Handmade  Jewellery - Earrings - Shell Pearl Drop Earrings

£4.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Shamballa style bracelet

Handmade Shamballa style bracelet. Created using cord and macrame, it consists of silver foil lined glass beads and imitation shamballa style beads. ... Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Handmade Shamballa style bracelet

£4.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Leopardskin Jasper & shell stretchy bead bracelet

Stretchy bracelet with semiprecious Leopardskin Jasper nuggets (8mm) mosaic shell beads (5mm), strung on elastic making it oh so easy ... Handmade  Jewellery - Bracelet - Leopardskin Jasper & shell stretchy bead bracelet

£6.40       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Tropical fruit clamshell melts

Handmade  Wax Tarts - Tropical fruit clamshell melts

£3.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

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