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Welcome to our craft shop where you can get some fabulous handmade craft ideas for all occasions and for anyone right here on MyOwnCreation.

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Nearly everything on this site is handmade and can be delivered to you directly from the person who made it. Many accept PayPal so you can buy today.

Everyone likes the personal touch that a handcrafted gift brings with it so no matter what the occasion we have a craft idea that is right for you.
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Lampwork glass beads on knotted cord necklace

Beautifully constructed copper foil oval glass lampwork beads-glass melted and fashioned into a design whilst in its molten state-with spots of colour... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Lampwork glass beads on knotted cord necklace

£10.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Moss Agate coins and chain necklace

Handmade necklace cosisting of moss agate coins, chain and antique bronze coiled wire work. Best of both worlds with choker style detail with the cha... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Moss Agate coins and chain necklace

£12.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

White Lace Choker style necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - White Lace Choker style necklace

£4.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade long chain dangle necklace

Handmade long dangle necklace, consists of silver plated chain, AB crystals and black bicone crystals. Finished off with a black tassle. All findings... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade long chain dangle necklace

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Aluminium Wire pendant Necklace

Handmade Silver coloured Aluminium wire freeform pendant suspended on green recycled sari ribbon. The pendant is decorated with a silver blue shell p... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Aluminium Wire pendant Necklace

£8.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

BOOK SMART BOY. COTTON T-Shirt Mix & Match Clothes

This design can also be a HOODIE, POLO SHIRT, BODY VEST, ROMPER, SLEEPSUIT and MORE..... Our "Book Smart Boy" t-shirts are 100 per cent exclusive t... Handmade craft by  Dawn Affirmation Boxes

£14.99       P&P £4.00       ♥ PayPal
Featured Item

Necklace with purple pendant

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Necklace with purple pendant

£14.99       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade green fabric bead necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade green fabric bead necklace

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Stone effect fabric necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Stone effect fabric necklace

£7.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade copper and agate necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade copper and agate necklace

£8.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade elephant necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade elephant necklace

£7.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade peach fabric bead necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade peach fabric bead necklace

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Silver Aluminium wire and rose quartz open choker

Handmade aluminium wire open style choker, decorated with sculptured wire leaves and swirls and rose quartz flowers.. This is very malleable and can b... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Silver Aluminium wire and rose quartz open choker

£12.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Pink Magnesite and black bicone necklace

Handmade Pink Magnesite large round beads and black crystal bicones and silver plated spaucer beads. All the findings are allergy friendly. There is... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Pink Magnesite and black bicone necklace

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

brown paisley fabric necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - brown paisley fabric necklace

£7.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Aztec Pendant necklace

Handmade neclace with a large gemstone cabochon. The wire wrapping gives the aztec decoration in copper and antique bronze. The pendant is suspended ... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Aztec Pendant necklace

£15.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Moss Green fabric necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Moss Green fabric necklace

£6.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Pink shell pearl and gold chain necklace

Handmade pink shell pearl necklace finished with gold pplated bead caps, interspersed with glass pearls and beads. Neclace is finished with a gold pla... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Pink shell pearl and gold chain necklace

£6.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Pink Magnesite and onyx collar

Handmade Silver plated wire collar. decorated with large pink magnesite rounds and black onyx tubes. There are earrings that could match this collar... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Pink Magnesite and onyx collar

£10.50       P&P £3.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Red Lace Necklace

Handmade necklace, made from red lace and black coated copper wire. Decorated with gunmetal black beads, suspended off black velvet cord. All findings... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Red Lace Necklace

£8.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Mookite and Jaspe necklace

Handmade Mookite nugget necklace and jasper coin necklace, complete with gold plate coils. all findings gold plated. Please email me first if pur... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Mookite  and Jaspe necklace

£12.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Hnadmade Golden Shell Pearl Necklace

Handmade Shell Pearl necklace. Created using 2 tones and size of pearls interspersed with tiny 4mm jasper beads. All findings are low nickel and hyp... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Hnadmade Golden Shell Pearl Necklace

£13.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Hnadmade Blue / Grey Shell Pearl Necklace

Handmade shell pearl necklace. The colour is a silver blue / grey very subtle. The pearls are interspersed with tiny clear quartz beads. All the fi... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Hnadmade Blue / Grey Shell Pearl Necklace

£13.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Pink Sari Silk and silver bee necklace

Handmade necklace with a recycled sari silk ribbon bib style pendant, decorated with silver plated wire and little silver bees. Comes complete with a... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Pink Sari Silk and silver bee necklace

£9.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Handmade Rose Quartz beaded cabochon necklace

handmade vintage style necklace with a rose quartz cabochon. The cabochon is decorated with various seed beads. The pendant is suspended from pink sa... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Handmade Rose Quartz beaded cabochon necklace

£18.50       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Diamond shaped pendant necklace

Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Diamond shaped pendant necklace

£7.00       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

Pink Shell pearl and antique bronze necklace

Beautiful handmade vintage style necklace. Made from pink shell pearls and white glass pearls. The intricate wirework is antique copper wire, suspse... Handmade  Jewellery - Necklace - Pink Shell pearl and antique bronze necklace

£9.75       P&P £2.00       ♥ PayPal

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