Top Tips for selling Crafts Online

Do you want to find out how to make money and sell more handmade gifts, crafts and cards online?

Selling gifts and crafts online is now big business and by no means restricted to eBay. Due to the economic downturn, the marketplace is now massive and you need to stand out from the rest to make money from selling your gifts and crafts.

Sell successfully online

Adding your gifts and crafst to MyOwnCreation is a brilliant first step to successful selling but it is only part of the solution. To successfully sell to a wider audience you need to use every trick in the book. All the tips mentioned here are FREE except for a bit of time and effort. If you want to get serious about selling art and craft online then take a look at these simple steps.

Top Tips in Brief

List as much as you can.
Add a good photo.
Use keywords in your title and description.
Edit and update often.
Use the share buttons.
Tweet and like your own items.

1. Add at least 4 items if you can.

This really follows on from keeping your listing updated but if you also have a minimum of four items with photos AND you have a logo/image of yourself AND you have written a small profile about yourself, then you will appear in the FOCUS block on the front page. Again, this is very important for search engine exposure as the more links you can get to YOUR pages the more Google will pick up on them.

2. A good picture is essential.

A listing without a photo is OK but to really sell your item you need a good picture. Landscape is best and make sure its in focus.

3. Keywords are king.

Without making it look a mess, use the keywords for your item as often as you can in both the TITLE and DESCRIPTION. So, for selling handmade jewellery it would be handmade, jewellery and handmade jewellery. Search engines love this! Imagine what your would type in to find an item like yours and then make sure you are using the in your listings.

4. Update your listing often

You may have noticed that whenever you add or update a listing it will appear in the 'Recent Updates' block of MyOwncreations front page. Appearing in this block as often as possible will make sure that your listing gets picked up by search engines like Google. Even if you only change a full stop in your listing description, it's worth doing.

5.Share your listing.

Without logging in, take a look at your items page. Towards the bottom you will see the 'Share this page' block like this:
Press one of the buttons to see what could happen on your page! The most prominent icons there are Facebook and Twitter but if you click on the red cross it will reveal hundreds of other bookmarking and sharing sites.

6. Use the power of Facebook and Twitter

We also send anything listed to Facebook and Twitter automatically. You could further increase your chances of selling by going to our Facebook page, (the link is in the footer) finding your own item and sharing it from there. Free and easy marketing.

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