About Us

MyOwnCreation is more than just an arts and crafts website!

One stop on MyOwnCreation does it all

MyOwnCreation try's to cover the whole sphere of handmade marketing and so does much more than listing your handmade items for sale. When advertising a handmade item on MyOwnCreation, you will also find it appearing in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and RSS. But we do even more. Much more!

MyOwnCreation Credit System Explained

What is the MyOwnCreation Credit System? Answer: You buy credits to use to pay for listings and optional extras on the website. They come in 100, 250 and 500 and cost just over a penny each. Listings cost 10p a month so 100 credits will list 10 items for one month or 2 items for 5 months etc. For more information see the Our Fees page.

MyOwnCreation - Handmade News

The MyOwnCreation Handmade News page is available for anyone to add their articles about the handmade art and craft marketplace and get it published on this website, Twitter, Facebook and RSS with the minimum of fuss and bother.

MyOwnCreation - Craft Fair Diary

The MyOwnCreation Craft Fair Diary is still in our group of websites but has now moved to a new URL: http://softdriveservices.com/UK-craft-fairs/. The website, like MyOwnCreation, has undergone a re-vamp and is now much more user and mobile friendly. Importantly, it is still FREE to use.

MyOwnCreation - What We Really Do

MyOwnCreation is an internet based marketplace where artists and crafters can advertise and sell their handmade arts and crafts on line. It is now one of Europe's most vibrant ART and Craft websites and 'the' place in UK to buy and sell handmade, handcrafted and homemade gifts and is always worth a visit.

MyOwnCreation - Stay up to date

Keep up with what's happening on MyOwnCreation by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Click on the buttons to the left now or follow these links:
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MyOwnCreation - Information

MyOwnCreation is part of Softdrive Computer Services which operate many other websites

Contact us

We prefer it if you contacted us via email. We promise that we will answer all emails within 24 hours and we won't sell your email address on either. Contact Us

MyOwnCreation -  Aims

Our aim is to make MyOwnCreation a comprehensive website offering all the facilities to make it possible for the home crafter to advertise and sell their crafts quickly and easily. The site is constantly being developed with the crafter in mind. To that end, we are always keen to here from you. Please let us have your comments of the use and development of the site.

MyOwnCreation - Background

The idea behind MyOwnCreation Started in January 2006 and the website has been evolving ever since.