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23 May 2007

Site Stats

To help advertisers make up their mind we have decided to put together some interesting facts and stats about MyOwnCreation:

Launched Feb 2007.

Total Sessions Served 14990
Average Hits Per Session 18
Average Page Hits Per Session 3
Average Session Duration 213s
Average Transfer/Session 346.77 kB

Total searches 25094
Average per day 224

Total listings (live and expired) 1163

There is no doubt that the site is proving popular with both buyers and sellers as the figures show. For those that use it, our rating in the search engines is also improving by the week. Searches for 'myowncreation' have been on page 1 for months whereas 'homemade jewellery' has only made page 1 on google recently.

Many of our listings have been high on MSN and the other search engines for weeks now. Especially the wood art, metal art and iron art searches. Ironic really as we don't appear to have many of that type of item listed. Perhaps those craftsmen should take note and start listing!

We will attempt to keep everyone posted on search ratings but for now the ones to watch are:
Handcrafted jewellery
Art and Craft
Costume jewellery
Greeting Cards
Wood Art

One of our main aims is to continue to develop and grow steadily and the be 'The Arts and Crafts site of choice in the UK' by Christmas this year. This, of course, is the main time of year for buying the range of goods listed on this site.

The message to all potential advertisers is: The figures show that the visitors to the site are there. Now all you have to do is give them the goods to buy! Continue to list as many of your items as you can for as long as you can. Make the photos and descriptions good and the sales will roll in!

The graph shows the number of visitors per day (1 Feb to 23 May 2007)


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