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19 June 2007

Website Updates

We have been busy adding little features to the website to help improve it and make things easier. Most of them will have gone un-noticed but there are some which will be worth pointing out here:

1. We now have a PREFERRED PAYMENT option in the EDIT area of each item. Once completed, this will be displayed along with the item. It is hoped that the use of payment methods such as PayPal will encourage people to buy. (On that note, PayPal does offer protection schemes for both buyer and seller and is our preferred option).

2. There are now options to display website addresses and telephone numbers on their item record should people want to. There is a small charge for this option.

3. We have had to do some work on the image loading code as its' been playing up just lately. At present we have no idea why but we continue to work on it. Unfortunately this means that there is an extra step to take. You will now need to email your images to us and we will add them for you. This may lead to some delays in getting the image on display but will ultimately result in better quality images on the site.


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