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Latest News - July


06 July 2007

Latest News - July

MyOwnCreation - July Newsletter

The new image loading system is working well (thankfully). We did eventually identify that it was some rogue photographs that were the culprit. Someone had managed to load some non .jpg images which do not work well on websites.

There are still quite a few people who have not completed their PREFERRED PAYMENT option. You'll find it will improve the chances of a sale as people do like to know how they will pay you.

We continue to creep up the search engine listings. We are on page 1 quite a lot on engines like MSN and Yahoo but you still need to dig a bit on Google. Searches which contain 'HANDCRAFTED' and 'HOMEMADE' appear to be doing well so why not give those a go next time you search for us on Google.

New features added this month are:
Featured listings now link directly to the advert in the search. A major advantage is that when someone clicks on your FEATURED LISTING Ad on the front page it will, in effect, work like a search for a named artist. In other words, it will group ALL your listings together in one search. So all you really need to do is list, say, 10 items but only 'feature' 1 and the person searching still gets to see all your listed items.

You can now show a telephone number on your listing so that you can be contacted directly without going through the site.

We have re-structured the order that searches are presented so that those that have NOT been approved are not on the first pages. Instead they are on the very last pages. This makes the site look a bit tidier for visitors who are looking to buy something and, in some small part, rewards those who have made an effort with their advert (as opposed to those who have not).

On that note, its worth mentioning that we have added a scoring system for adverts. At the moment it is just for interest but it can serve as a guide to how we rate your listing. The higher the score, the better the listing. It scores on things like photo, description, length of listing, use of options and many other fields. We may use this field to further prioritise the order we show our ads in the future but for now, its just for interest.

You are now able to have your advert appear at the start of any appropriate search AND at the same time make use of a special offer field. We think that, with Christmas (yes thats right, Christmas) coming up there is a great opportunity to offer buyers something extra. i.e 25% off or box of 10 etc.

We are now INTERNATIONAL! Items can be listed in many of the major currencies of the world.

You can now see how much interest has been shown in your item. i.e. how many enquiries/orders you have had placed through the site. This is shown on your listing home page.

That the 'Impressions' shown on every item in a search is the number of times it has been looked at or searched for. The bigger the number, the more its been seen.

Its the LOW SEASON now but you should get ready for the HIGH SEASON which starts in October and lasts through to January. Try to come up with some deals to temp the buyers in and make sure you list as much as you can. As ever, it will be FREE.

Finally, we would like to encourage everyone to support other members of the site. If you have a special occasion coming up then why not check the site first to see if there is a card or gift that fits the bill. As you know, this mainly supports the advertiser and not the site directly but does have an overall effect on the success of the site and therefore, everyone who lists items on it.


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