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Site Stats - June


06 July 2007

Site Stats - June

June continued to see an increase in the traffic to the site dispite it being the holiday season. There were also a number of issues related to image loading which have now been overcome.

These are the stats for June from our matrixstats server:

Searches : 9053
Sessions : 7672
Average per day: 255

Notes. A session is a visitor to the site and you can see that there is an average of 255 per day. This is good news for all advertisers!

Last month we reported that the average daily visits was 224 so there is an increase there.

We are expecting it to get quiet until mid to late September but after that we are expecting a steady build-up to Christmas.

A major problem still exists! There are still some people who have registered items but have entered an incorrect email address. We know this because anything sent from or through the site is rejected back to us. Please, please check your details and make sure your address is entered correctly. Thank you.

We have changed the images we use for our NEWS ITEMS. These have been selected AT RANDOM from the images that are around our system at the time of writing. These are a small bonus to the artist or craftsman but we must stress that we are not showing any favouritism by using them.


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