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New Credit System goes live.


25 October 2007

New Credit System goes live.

After a short delay, the new credit system has finally gone live.

The introduction of the credit system was brought about by 'observations' from members that the need to transfer to the PayPal site each time they bought an optional extra was inefficient and time wasting. The new system allows members to make one purchase (currently of 250 credits) and use them, as and when they want to, against any of the optional extras.

Furthermore, the system has been developed so that the credits can be used against ANY of the items listed by the member. That is to say, if you have 3 items listed then you can use your credits against any or all of them.

We hope this system will be a great success and help keep more of our transactions within the website. There will be further development and larger purchase amounts available after a few days live testing just to make sure all is well.

If anyone has any problems then please contact us as soon as it happens on the usual email address.


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