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Juleswap joins MyOwnCreation


25 April 2008

Juleswap joins MyOwnCreation

We are pleased to announce that Juleswap, a website dedicated to the sale of handcrafted jewellery ( has now joined with MyOwnCreation. The union of these two sites has been welcomed by the MyOwnCreation team who expect to see a larger slice of the arts and crafts market. This will not only be good news for MyOwnCreation but will be a considerable benefit to our members and customers.

In a further announcement from the MyOwnCreation Team, it was revealed that there will be a move towards 'commission sales' later this year. The dates have not yet been decided but the move is being planned both to bring MyOwnCreation in line with other similar sites and in an effort to boost customer confidence.

Instead of dealing with the artist/craftsman directly, customers will be able to make multiple purchases from several artists in a single transaction straight from the site. Payments will be taken by credit card and the entire process can be completed in a few minutes.

The process of advertising art and craft items for sale will not change as the commssion will be calculated automatically on top of the prices quoted by the seller. As always, MyOwnCreation see the member as its prime asset and will continue to develop the site with them in mind.

Many other developments are planned for later this year so please keep checking the site for the latest news.


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