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Items now get listed on Google!


28 July 2008

Items now get listed on Google!

From mid July, all new items listed on MyOwnCreation will also be available for viewing in Google searches.

We have now released the individual record for each item to the Google database and people searching for items will be able to access the details directly.

This will have a two fold advantage to everyone. 1. The MyOwnCreation name will be spread much more widely leading to an even better ranking and, 2. more sales for our members.

The Google listing comes in two parts: 1. Selected text from the original advert and, 2. the photograph supplied when the item was added. The need for a top quality photograph to go with any listing on MyOwnCreation is now greater then ever. This is a great opportunity for all members to reach an even wider market for their craft without having to incur any initial costs.

MyOwnCreation are also looking at other possibilities to expand the availability of its listings to other similar sites prior to introducing commission charges in late Summer 2008.


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