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New! Members Control Panel


02 January 2010

New! Members Control Panel

We have just added a new control panel to the MyOwnCreation website which we are sure will allow all members to contol their listing much more easily.

The control panel is currently in BETA testing but should work correctly in all instances. Known problems will be added to this newsletter so members can keep up to date with developments.

The control panel gathers all existing facilities available to members in one place and, we hope, makes using the site much easier and pleasent. But most importantly, we want to know what you think! The site is constantly being updated and improved but it is essential that it is doing what you want. Please let us know if the control panel is working correctly (apart from issues already known) or any improvements you think we could make.

To gain access to the control panel, log in as usual then you will see BETA CONTROL PANEL shown under LOGOUT on the right side of the page. Click on this.

We hope using the control panel will be self explanitory but please let us know if any explanation is required.

Spending Credits. The user is returned to the old edit page but inside the new control panel. Just press any of the other buttons to select another option. This will be corrected when beta testing has ended.

Delete item: The user is returned to the old edit page but inside the new control panel. Same solution as spending credits.


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