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MyOwnCreation - Bookmarking


31 January 2010

MyOwnCreation - Bookmarking

The explosion of bookmarking sites in recent years is highlighting the importance of spreading the word about the sites you visit.

For people who add their handmade gifts to sites like MyOwnCreation in an effort to sell them ought to seriously consider bookmarking their own items on social networking sites like Facebook.

Why? Because it allows their items to be seen on a massive and global scale. It would not be un-fair to say that normal handmade gift websites are typically quite small and currently only appeal to people with a bent for craft making. To help change this, crafters need to help move things on a bit!

Selling is always hard work. It's a common misconception that adding a handmade gift to a website is the answer to everything. Not true! It's only part of the answer. Adding items to sites like MyOwnCreation is just one way of selling but people should consider exactly what they are selling. It isn't any good just plonking it on with a limp description, a hefty price and faded picture and expecting it to sell and then blaming the site when it doesn't! No. People need to use every trick in the book. The same as they would do if they were in a craft market. Presentation, presentation, presentation!

How does bookmarking help? As mentioned before, sites like MyOwnCreation are typically quite small in the scale of things and also need as much help as they can get to boost their web presence. Usually, these sites have a membership. If every member bookmarked their own items on sites like Digg, Twitter and Facebook then the message gets spread far and wide and also gets picked up by search engines. That in turn boosts things like page rank and position on sites like Google and Yahoo.

So you see, bookmarking your own items actually does help you sell more. Look for the bookmarking logos on every item page and also in places like the google toolbar.

Happy crafting!


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