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Handmade news, Your Art and Craft News And Articles - WANTED!


17 December 2010

Handmade news, Your Art and Craft News And Articles - WANTED!

We are seriously looking for handmade news and comment to add to the news area to keep the handmade market up to date and make it more interesting for the general crafting community in general. Our aim is to make this a serious hub for all manner of content that will be of interest to artists and crafters. This is a serious opportunity to get your ideas and comments to a much wider audience.

There are 4 ways this can be done:

1. Tell us about your RSS feed and where to find it. Once approved, the headlines will be displayed on the sidebar of the MyOwnCreation Blog with a direct link to the article on your own site.

2. Email your article directly to us. The number of people who will be able to do this will be limited but those who do make it onto the site will have their article featured on the main page and will include photographs etc.

3. Send us an XML file for direct import into the site. Again, these articles/posts will appear on the main page of the site. The XML file will need to be in a specific format so anyone interested in this type of listing must contact us first.

4. We saved the best 'til last. Staight forward log in and create your own posts. We like this one and want as many of you to get involved as possible.

Our articles are widely published on all manner of feeders as well as Facebook and Twitter. You can be sure thatonce approved, anything you say will certainly reach a wide audience.


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