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Selling handmade gifts online can make you money.


23 December 2010

Selling handmade gifts online can make you money.

Selling, at the best of times, is difficult. Even when you are an expert. By its very nature, selling handmade goods is even more difficult because of the small scale of the operation. To make a success of selling anything, all the tools available must be employed to the best advantage otherwise sales will faulter and the seller will get disenchanted. Not a happy situation!

How can you better your chances of selling you handmade crafts? The first and most obvious tip is to add your items to a website like MyOwnCreation. However, that is only a very small, but essential first step. Just adding it is by no means the whole answer. Sites like this (and there are quite a few now) are only the means to get your message out there. YOU still need to make your advert look as attractive and inviting as possible!

Take a good photograph. This is really 'the' most important part of the whole process; a picture paints a thousand words.... Without one, you stand no chance at all. With one, you can see immediately, the difference between a good piccie and a bad one and its the good one that gets the most clicks. On that note, many websites now show photographs in a SQUARE format for the sake of site looks. If you have taken a standard format photo then you must edit and crop it otherwise it will be distorted when its shows up on the website. Also remember that most modern digital cameras take massive photos which are far too big for any website. Typically, a website need images which are no bigger than 300k. Anything else is so big that there would be no room left for anything else and the site would be extremely slow.

And now to the wording. Once people have seen your nice photo and clicked on it, they now want to read all about it. A good description is essential but don't write a novel. Remember, you are trying to 'sell' the item so keep it short, to the point and punchy. Say why your is the best one! Next, there is usually a short piece of text that goes with the photograph of the item. Sub text if you like; don't forget to not only include that, but use it to 'sell' as well. This bit of text is normally on the front page so don't waist it.

Pick your price. A common mistake is to overprice an item. Here is where a lot of crafters give up because they cannot compete with wholesalers from China. Unfortunately, you cannot allow for your time when you calculate your costs; thats just part of the joy and pleasure you get from making the item. That just leaves the cost of raw material. With this there is no alternative to bulk! Lots of little trips to a High Street chain of craft supplies just eats into the price. To be most efficiant you should use a wholesaler and place a larger order. That requires some degree of planning what you want to make so that you don't over purchase.

Tell everyone. Websites like MyOwnCreation have already done the on-line marketing for you but that is not the end of it. It is still essential to spread the word and the best way is by mouth. Tell everyone where to find your handmade items listed and, if nesseccery, tell them how to find it. In other words (tech speak) tell them the URL. On MyOwnCreation its just a case of visiting the site and typing your own name in on the lefthand side. All your items will then appear in one place as if it were your own site. Did you know that if you typed your own name in a search engine like Google; all your items will be listed? Well, after a time they would anyway!

Lastly, keep trying. It is a vast market place and there are many thousands of crafters making items and trying to sell them. More and more evry week! If it doesn't work on the first go, don't give up. Look again at your advert, reword, reprice and relist.

One final note..... Make sure you are prepared to sell! Many crafters list their items and then forget all about them. Then, one rainy day, a sale comes in and they default. Now that is really bad so don't do it!!!


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