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Boost your craft listings online - Bookmarking via Twitter


09 January 2012

Boost your craft listings online - Bookmarking via Twitter

Social media networking is now so important that it is almost essential to belong to one. There are now lots to choose from but of course the most dominant are Twitter and Facebook.

For anyone who makes craft items to sell and lists them online, then one of their best FREE marketing tools is to bookmark their own items on which ever site it is listed. Search engines like Google absolutely love that and will do some important marketing on their behalf. MyOwnCreation is no exception and has had accounts with both Facebook and Twitter although it has to be said, never really used them effectively.

The whole point of bookmarking is to SPREAD THE WORD. Now, MyOwnCreation feeds every single item listed or updated into Facebook and Twitter thereby giving our members maximum exposure. If members also fed their own items directly to their social media account that would effectively double their exposure.

Furthermore, members could re-double their exposure by tweeting the MyOwnCreation search page with their own name on it! Sounds complicated? No. It really is'nt. Here is what you do:
1. Find out exactly what name you have used when you registered with MyOwnCreation (it ought to be your name or your bussiness name so, no problem there).
2. Type the following: NAME. (Where YOUR NAME = the name you have registered with)
3. Test your link by typing it into the URL line in your browser. ALL YOUR CURRENT ITEMS should appear.
4. Once you know that works then block and copy the URL and add it as a tweet in Twitter and facebook.

You can of course, also list individual items in a similar way but this time you need the URL to a listed item. Just find the item you're after on the website then copy the URL into Twitter or Facebook OR just press the LIKE button to share it in Facebook.

OR THERE IS AN EVEN EASIER WAY!. Since originally writing this article we have added a new button to the view item page. The ADD THIS button offers the viewer the chance to add a link to the page being viewed to any of about a hundred bookmarking sites including Facebook and Twitter. Nothing could be easier. Bookmark you own item and then get your friends to do the same and you will be amazed how this will boost your listing on the internet in general. As an example, we have added an ADD THIS button below so you can try it out. Press any of the little buttons (Twitter, Facebook etc.) or the little Cross to select one of hundreds of others.

Now, because of the extensive links we have in the crafting community and our position in Google, you will have effectively boosted your own presence on the internet by a massive amount.

As always, if any of our members have any problems with this then we are just a phonecall or email away. We like to hear from your.

Before finishing, please remember that for this to work effectively, you must have 'live' items listed.... otherwise there is nothing to see!!


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