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The Growth in the Handmade Market in 2012


11 April 2012

The Growth in the Handmade Market in 2012

2012 has seen a staggering increase in the number of art, crafts and handmade gifts being brought onto the market place.

MyOwncreation has been collecting stats from various sources on the internet since 2006 when the number of hits to the website could be counted in the hundreds. We have recently started our own real time statistics collection ( and the increase in traffic for 2012 is amazing with some 500% increase since this time last year. From our own perspective, we have put this down to our own marketing strategy which now fully embraces social media.

If craft marketing follows the same route as other goods and commodities then we have only to look across the water to the USA where a popular arts and crafts website now reports profits in the millions of dollars. We, in Britain are a long way from that but the increase is coming and crafters should make sure they are ready.

For the most part, the staggering rise in selling handicraft is put down to the economic climate and an un-certain future. There is no doubt that there is a hugh amount of talent out there and making things to sell yourself is one way of passing the time and making some extra cash to help stretch the family budget. Some mums (it usually is) even get other members of the family together to form a small enterprise where most members get a job to do. Quite like the old days (I would imagine!).

There are also several examples on MyOwnCreation where people have re-discovered talents they may have had since school but never had the time or inclination to continue. That talent is now being put to good use coupling enjoyment, pastime and moneymaking.

We know of one mum who works until the small hours every night making jewellery. The next day is off to sell the jewellery at the every increasing number of craft fairs, pop-up shops and craft co-ops while the children are at school. She is doing quite well too!

There is no doubt that the USA lead and the rest of us follow (at least as far as marketing is concerned) so if the increased demand and supply of handmade gifts is repeated over here then we are certainly gearing up for an even bigger rise to come. Bring it on!.


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