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Pinterest for art, craft and jewellery?


10 June 2012

Pinterest for art, craft and jewellery?

First of all what is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social networking and publishing site which uses photos to display what is of interest to the person posting it. Simply, its a social networking site without all the chat!

Is Pinterest going to be any good for artists and crafters?
Absolutely! Not only because you might like what you see on there, but because the site managed to go viral in a very short time and that means a lot of people are looking at it. Get your item on the front page of Pinterest and its going to be seen by many thousends of people in a very short space of time.

So how does that help me sell my art, craft or jewellery?
Well, to put it as simply as possible, its free advertising which is going to be seen by lots and lots of people! If you are serious about selling your art, craft or jewellery than you owe it to yourself to use every free piece of marketing available and that includes bookmarking your items whenever you can.

There are a lot of people who are claiming to make huge sums of money every day from using Pinterest. OK, many of those will be spammers but there will always be some truth in there somewhere. Dont forget, Pinterest is still very young and getting so big so quickly means that the people who created it must be getting something right and we just cant get enough of it.

How does it work?
The idea is that each user has a theme board where they can pin items (photos) he or she likes from around the web. Themes in our case would be ART, Craft, JEWELLRY or anything you like. Themes are many and varied and selecting a popular one means your item will be see by more people. The visual appeal of the site is what seems to have triggered its immense growth (its the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors per month).

MyOwnCreation make it easy for you!
We know how important social networking has become so we have been working hard to make linking to them as easy as possible. On every item page there are links to Facebook, Twitter and now, Pinterest. Take a few moments every now and again to visit you items pages (even if its only to make sure it looks and says what you want) and press the Pinterest button. You have to be a member of Pinterest to get the full benefit but its well worth it to help YOU sell more.

Now take a look for yourself.
MyOwnCreation has its own page on Pinterest and the same as Facebook and Twitter, our name is MOCHandmade. Have a look at: (or use the link below) and see what we, and others, have been pinning on our board.


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