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Art UpCycled


26 July 2012

Art UpCycled

Why This? Why Now?

When I was introduced to the term upcycling in recent years, I realized immediately that it described what I had been doing since a very young age! Turning fruit crates into coffee tables, doors into headboards, or wooden logs into dinner tables, was not simply dcor born out of necessity, but also a creative experiment to express a concept and satisfy my soul.

So when I look at an object or a piece of furniture that appears outwardly to have reached the end of its life, I see its possible history, as well as its potential for rebirth. This transformation is what drives the artist in me. A discarded old knife block can become the vessel for my style of miniature art, and is upcycled to a point where it can rise above its original form. Sure, it could be used again for the purpose it was created, but this time admired for its beauty in a way that it was never before. Or it could happily function as eye-candy on display! In either case, it meets the goal of upcycling, which is to use existing materials rather than new ones, in order to reduce energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, and so on. Upcycling is different from recycling because it involves making something of equal or better value without downgrading the original material or creating more pollution during the process.

The impetus for my project stems from the issues I have with many present day furniture pieces, which have an unappealing plastic look about them. And even the ones that dont are often mass produced and omnipresent in interior design, so that it has all begun to look the same to me! This got me thinking that artists can play a bigger role in the field of interior design by taking their art from the gallery walls into peoples homes, and having their pieces become usable parts in peoples lives. I impart my stamp on each piece, and they all represent the ancient art of Indian miniature painting, which reached its glory between the 16th-17th centuries. This style reveres the use of brilliant color and incredibly fine brushwork. Its my way of creating a new style of interior dcor. The juxtaposition of an objects own history, and post-makeover, the history of my art form, is where an old knife block becomes Art Upcycled.

How Does It Work?
Everything here is either one of a kind or in limited edition.

I can personalize objects for you! For instance, I can offer to work directly with people and give a new life to something special of theirs that they''ve owned for a long time.

Collaboration is encouraged! Creative minds are warmly invited to collaborate and come on board. I look forward to working with other artists, designers, craft artists, curators, galleries etc.

People can donate their unwanted furniture and other objects that can be used in ''Art Upcycled'' and keep them away from becoming dreaded landfill! I offer discount coupons if they do so.


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