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Handmade Rings feature highly in Google searches.

Author: MyOwnCreation Admin

28 December 2012

According to research just carried out by MyOwnCreation to find out about the latest "handmade" searches on Google, we found that people have searched for "Rings" 204,000 times in the last 3 months!

Next to searches for 'Jewelry' 304,000 , 'Rings' are the second most searched for handmade items with 'Jewelery' coming third. Our very own, well in UK at least, 'Jewellery' comes a little further down the list.

Just another reason to use strong keyword links in item Titles and Descriptions when listing handmade items on Crafting websites.

Far be it for us to suggest the misuse of the English language but if anyone wants to increase their chances of selling their handmade crafts then a small mis-spelling of jewellery won't matter if it helps sell a few more items!

Anyone making handmade rings can list them free on MyOwnCreation with a special PROMO CODE (at the time of publishing) so that maximum advantage can be gained from the increase in traffic. The PROMO CODE IS *Rings* but it will only be available while Handmade Rings are the featured promotion.

See the link to Free Craft Listing below.


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