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More categories equals more sales for handmade gifts?

Author: MyOwnCreation Admin

29 December 2012

More categories equals more sales for handmade gifts?

Categories for handmade gifts can be confusing

Handmade gifts come in all shapes and forms and as varied as cards, jewellery, knitting and art.... to name but a few. The list can go on and on but most websites dedicated to helping people sell their handmade items have to draw the line somewhere.

Perhaps a better way is to break the categories down a bit. Maybe it's better to have categories for what the item is and then categories for what the item is for or who its for?

This is exactly what MyOwnCreation has done! There are 3 category options:
1. What it is
2. What its for
3. Who its for

The first category is included free as standard but for a modest 5 credits or if you are a Seller Pro the other two are made available. Once that is done then the item get THREE TIMES to exposure.

Many items can fall into two or even three categories so it's much better to use all three whenever possible. For instance, a handmade gift for a woman can fall naturally into Gifts for Her and Gifts for Mum and there are countless combinations just like that.

This is all part of marketing handmade gifts and it never stops demanding more of your time. It makes sence to use as many tools as are available to help deal with this. The competition is fierce and anything that helpsYOU get ahead is a very good thing.

Why not get a MyOwnCreation Shopfront as well?
Another FREE option available on MyOwnCreation is a shop page and website URL. By merely ticking a box in your Control Panel you are able to have all you in date items displayed on your very own web page thereby increasing your exposure to the intenet even more.

Is it really that important?
The simple answer is, YES, in great big capital letters! These days there are ga-zillions of items for sale on the internet so, as the advertising says, every little helps. And if its free, then why not use it.

Happy selling.


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