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Where can I sell my handcrafted jewellery?

Author: John LeMasonry

04 January 2013

Where can I sell my handcrafted jewellery?

Where can I sell my handcrafted jewellery? This and where can I sell my handmade.... anything comes up time and time again and is a question we are very well placed to answer.

MyOwnCreation really IS a great place to start when you have a question like that as we were set up in 2006 to help people do exactly that. True, we have come on a lot since the very simple website of that period but then, so has the the whole selling handmade marketplace. This year alone, MyOwnCreation has seen turnover triple and we know that similar sites are reporting the same kind of increase. The biggest profits have been reported from the site based in the USA but then again, they are the largest by a long, long way. The modest British sites (there are at least 4 so why would anyone over here want to use a website from over there??) are all showing a bumper year and the trend is set to continue throughout 2013 and well into the future.

How to sell handmade jewellery online. Increasingly, many people are selling their handmade jewellery online. It is easy to sell through existing outlets such as eBay, and the more specifically handmade sites such as MyOwnCreation. These allow you to set up your own online shop within them, which is great for people with little experience of making websites, or those whose budget does not extend to paying a professional web company to do it. These sites do charge a fee for using them and, sometimes, a commission on sales. Please note, MyOwnCreation only charges a listing fee. See our Pricing and fees page for more information and a comparison with other websites.

Sell handcrafted jewellery at a craft fair. Another popular way to sell your own jewellery is at craft fairs, where you pay a fee to take a stall and sell your handmade products. This has its pros and cons, too. Business depends on how well attended the craft fair is, and how well publicised it has been by the organisers. However, you get to meet your customers, make your own sales pitch, and this personal approach can work very well. Just a word of warning on this though, with the explosion of handmade goods come the explosion in Craft Fairs. This author has noticed that Craft Fair organisers are now increasing their fees because demand for space outstrips supply. Do pick your craft fair wisely.

One of the best things about selling your own handmade jewellery is that in my experience, people are always going to want to buy it. Even in a recession, something small such as a necklace or a bracelet is an ideal piece of inexpensive retail therapy. The handmade element is a big draw, too. A unique handmade brooch is much more appealing than on made in China and bought in a chainstore.

Try this! The next time you go to a craft fair, have a look at the busiest tables. The chances are that they are selling jewellery or candles. Remember, to beat them, you must be better than them in quality AND presentation.

To sell your handcrafted jewellery online you will need a good photograph. Remember, people cannot pick up, touch and see your products in real life. Imagine you have never seen the item that you are trying to sell. You need crisp, large photos, from several different angles and in good light, so the buyer can see exactly what the piece of jewellery looks like. I have seen so many people try to sell things with a tiny, blurry, dark photo as these just do not provide enough information for potential buyers, and are very off-putting.

The best way to photograph jewellery is on a plain white background in natural light. The flash on a digital camera can do the exact opposite of what you want or expect and that is that it will DARKEN your picture. So, if you have good natural light do not use the flash.

Take a minimum of three photos of your handcrafted jewellery. You will be amazed just how different each one will be. Then pick the best, sharpest one for use on the website.

Selling handmade jewellery online needs a killer title and a keyword rich description. Take a look at any website selling handmade jewellery and you will find someone who thinks a title on "Handmade Necklace" with a description of "Made with my own fair hand" is going to win them lots of sales.
Tip1. It is jewellery, so make sure the word jewellery or jewelry is in the title. Jewelry is THE biggest search item when its come to handmade things!
Tip2. Make sure the words you use in the title are repeated exactly in the description. Twice if you can do it without it looking strange. Search engines like Google love this and it all helps you to sell your handcrafted jewellery.

Stop! Did you see what I did there? In my last sentance I used some of the words used in the title of this piece exactly as it was written. Nice!

To learn more about selling handmade gifts online do take the time to browse the MyOwnCreation website where you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you start your own handcrafted jewellery business.


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