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Changes to the MyOwnCreation email out system

Author: MyOwnCreation Admin

11 January 2013

Many people will know that spam is a big problem but I bet not many people know that there is a body out there that polices it! A bit like a credit agency; they keep a check on all ISPs to see if they are allowing SPAM through their system. If they find that too SPAM mail is getting through they have the power to impose penaties.

Why do we need to know this? Apart from being mildly interesting, it does have an effect on the way our email system works. In effect, it restricts the number of emails we can send in one go.

The answer is to use more than one mailbox to deliver our email. Starting this weekend we will be using mailboxes moc1 through to moc10 as well as the usual system mailbox.

TO CONTINUE RECIEVING MAIL FROM US you must set up your own SPAM filters to allow mail through. You may lose valuable sales if you delay so please do it soon. An example mailbox address looks like this:

If you need any help just send a message on the usual address.


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