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Art Classes and Craft Workshops - New Service

Author: MyOwnCreation Admin

16 January 2013

Art Classes and Craft Workshops - New Service

A little while ago one of our sellers suggested that we offer a service advertising art classes and craft workshops to our visitors. We thought that was a good idea so busied ourselves to the task.

Craft Workshops

Today, we are please to announce the arrival of a new page on the MyOwnCreation website for craft workshops. Initially the service will be free to add but we can foresee that a small charge will eventually have to be made. This may not be for sometime and it won't effect adverts already listed.

Who can add craft workshops and courses to MyOwnCreation?

Anyone can use this service and you don't need to be a registered seller either. We want the craft workshops to be seen by as many people as possible so we are not putting any restrictions on so that anyone can add as much as they like.

What sort of workshops and courses can be listed?

A simple search of the internet will show you that there are hundreds of subjects and skills being taught and we want to make them all available. Our category selection (for those advertising workshops and courses) is comprehensive but if anyone spots a topic not covered then we are only an email away. google shows us that the top searches are for FREE COURSES, CLASSES IN ART, ART CLASSES and ART LESSONS with drawing classes, sewing lessons and painting following on a little further down the list. You will find all of these categories available. Top tip! Anyone listing a couse is strongly advised to include at least one of the topics in the little list above to help search engines find then quickly.

The growth of craft workshops and courses.

Over the past few years there has been a staggering growth in the handmade market with some US specialist websites reporting some amazing profits. MyOwnCreation, itself a specialist website dedicated to handmade goods has also seen a rise of some 300% in turnover in the last 12 months. The most probable cause of this is the recession and more and more people wanting to make ends meet. What better way is there than to use a skill or pastime to make some extra cash? With this in mind colleges and enterprising artists and crafters are setting up classes the lenth and bredth of the country. Not only that, the number of crafting holidays is also rising.


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