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What is the best title to use to get my handmade item listed on Google?

Author: John LeMasonry

04 February 2013

Search engines and Google in particular are massive and essential players in the game of internet marketing. With so many people listing and selling items online it is vital that your item stands out against the rest.

Google (and other search engines) is all about words. Before you set about a title for your item think about exactly what it is and then think about how you would go about finding something like it on the internet.

Take, for instance, a necklace. Now, it would not be any good putting a title in as NECKLACE. Think of the millions of necklaces there must be already listed so you need to give people a bit more to go on. Howabout HANDMADE NECKLACE. Yes better but not quite enough. What is it made of; Felt, beads, stones?

So now we might have HANDMADE FELT NECKLACE. Now we are getting somewhere!

Is there a special purpose for it? Wedding, birthday? Is it for a man or child?

OK, so now we could have CHILDRENS HANDMADE FELT NECKLACE. Yes, I think we have it!

You could go on to add in a colour but we could be in danger of making your jewellery title too specific. We would suggest no more than four descriptive words on your title so that they are short and punchy.

Use the DESCRIPTION block to add value and enhance the title. IT IS ESSENTIAL that you use exactly the same words that you used in the title at least once. This re-enforces your listing for the search engines and lets them know exactly what the page is all about. You could try using the words more than once but remember, it has to make sence because, after all, its actually buyers you want to attract so it must not be gobldygook.

And handmade felt jewellery, handmade felt jewellery, handmade felt jewellery WILL DEFINATELY NOT DO!

1. What is it?
2. What is it made of?
3. What could it be used for?
4. What colour is it?
5. Repeat the words in the description.
6. Dont over do it.

TOP TIP! When it comes to jewellery, its a sad fact that the spelling is important. The word jewelry will get 5 times more exposure than the word jewellery. Why not add both into your title and/or description?


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