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Is your MyOwnCreation Shop working for you?

Author: John LeMasonry

28 July 2013

Is your MyOwnCreation Shop working for you?

OK, so you have created a shop on MyOwnCreation, you have bought some credits or signed up for the Seller Pro option, listed some items and you are ready to go...

The shop is easy enough to set up, just tick the Your Shop box and everything you have listed that has not expired magically appears in your shop. Fantastic!

But the big burning question is.... IS IT WORKING FOR YOU?

How do you find out? Well, the simplest way is to do a search for your shop name on Google or Bing but it won be any good doing that if you have just set the shop up. You will need to leave it a few weeks first. If a few weeks have gone by, just type your shop name into Google or Bing search and if its a good, unique name it should appear fairly close to the top of the list. Well done!

If you have chosen a name that is not so unique then you will be fighting with all the others to get to the top. That's search engines for you!

What can you do to improve?
Well that's all down to whats known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Yes I know, jargon but we have to live with it! Most of the SEO work has already been done for you by MyOwnCreation. That's how it appears on Google in the first place. But you can help improve your search engine standing by following some of the tips I have set out below. Remember that MyOwnCreation can only work on the information that you give them so if that's not very good then that will be a very good reason why your shops page is not performing!

Top Tips!
1. Choose a good name for your shop. It has to be a unique as you can make it. Something like Jimena Handmade Gifts (made up name).
2. Don't use any punctuation in your name and watch for extra spaces your might have put in accidentally. The very best name don't have spaces, second best will but none will have commas, ampersands or any other non standard character i.e. a-z, 1-0.
3. Promote your own shop. You can do that in a number of ways.
A). Tell people your shop URL. It will be something like (also made up so don't try to follow it). You could add it to your letterhead, business card or any other promotional material you produce.
B). Visit your own shop often. Every time you visit your shop it registers somewhere. MyOwnCreation keep stats and so do Google and Bing. The more its used, the higher up the list you go. Search engines like to keep the most popular sites near the top so that they are easier to find. Its what search engines are there for really.
C). Search for your shop on Google as often as you can and get your friends to do it too. Caution! If you do it too often your name will get deleted from the search engine so once or twice a day is fine.
D). Use good keywords on your page. If you sell jewellery then make sure the word jewellery gets used quite a few times in your titles, headers and descriptions. Again, don't over do it. 3 or 4 times is plenty.
E). Last but most certainly not least. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! At least once a day you should Tweet your shop. Its so easy and so important that it can really help to catapult your shop to the top and yet hardly anyone ever does it. Visit you shop and press the Tweet button! Its there on the left of the page and takes just 5 seconds.

Final note. Getting your items listed on MyOwnCreation is just one part of your marketing strategy. Like any other business, its hard work and there is no such thing as luck. Remember this saying... its funny, the harder I work and the more I market my shop, the luckier I get.

Thank you and good luck with your shop.


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