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List handmade items for free. New service.

Author: Admin

24 September 2013

List handmade items for free. New service.

We are proud to announce the start of a new FREE LISTING service on MyOwnCreation.

Anyone can now list handmade items for free in our new trial. The trial will last from now until Christmas but if its successful could be continued indefinitely.

Anyone with a zero credits balance can list an item for free. However, there is not currently a way of listing items for free if the seller already has a credits balance. We maybe able to change this later if the trial is a success.

Free listings DO NOT have a photo and will not appear in all pages. They can only be found on our Masonry style pages which are the second most popular pages on the website. This does not mean that the listings are inferior as they will still be found by search engines like Google. The lack of a photo of the item means that its even more important that the item has a real killer title and a well thought out description. Google likes keywords so both the description and title should contain them. i.e. if its a necklace then the word necklace should appear.

Its a sad fact that there will always be someone who will want to abuse a free service and degrade the system with inappropriate content. For this reason, any content that does not conform to our terms or is an abuse of the system will be deleted without further reference to the seller. We would also like to encourage anyone who see abuse to report it to us immediately.

Finally, as this is a trial, we would really like people to report any bugs to us as soon as possible so we can sort them out. Help us to help you. Selling handmade items online is now very big business and we like to stay one step ahead of the competition.


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