Our Prices

Listing Fees - just 10p per month.

Our fee policy is very simple - Keep costs low and prices down. It's free to join us as a seller of arts and crafts - No sign up fee.

Basic Account (MyOwnCreation credit system):
  • Listings from just 10p p.m. regardless of size or quantity
  • No commission on sales
  • List for up to 6 months
  • Extend at anytime
  • Unique MyOwnCreation credits account system
Please note that credits have no monetary value.
Seller Pro Account:
  • £12 per year
  • un-limited listings
  • un-limited updates
  • un-limited re-listings

Sellers Crafting Website Comparison

  Listing fee   Term Commission Renewal fee URL
My Own Creation 10p per listing 1 month Nil 10p Yes
Craft Site A 15p + VAT per item 4 months 3.5% 20p Yes
Craft Site B 20p per listing 12 months 3.0% n/k no
Craft Site C £8.15 un-limited 1 month Nil £8.15 Yes
Craft Site D 20p 5 items 6 months 5% 20p n/k
Correct in Feb 2012  Some of the above will require local tax to be added.

  • The price you see is the price you pay. No commission.
  • Pay the Seller direct, usually via PayPal or transfer.
  • Does NOT require credits to buy.
  • Cheaper than other sites because our fees are tiny. No commission.
  • Fast delivery
  • Fewer trips to PayPal
In January 2011 we re-introduced the option to BUY DIRECT from the crafter thus avoiding PayPal  transaction fees and commission charges. The transaction is conducted entirely by the crafter and payment is made direct in whatever form is decided.

MyOwnCreation Credit system (sellers only)

  • MyOwnCreation operates a unique credits system which simplifies buying and selling and reduces costs for buyers, sellers and us. Credits can be purchased at anytime with a single trip to PayPal and used to buy optional extras for your listings.
  • The major advantage to the credits system is that it cuts out repeated trips to the bank which can be very expensive. This cuts it down to just one.
  • Credits have no monetary value.
  • The PayPal transaction fee is included in the price.
Competitive pricing, always.
100 credits   £1.30  
250 credits   £2.82  
500 credits   £5.40  

You can save time and money by opting to become a Pro Seller.