21 Reasons to use MyOwnCreation to sell handmade arts, crafts & jewellery.

Learn why advertising and selling your handmade gifts on MyOwnCreation is a smart thing to do!

Lots of Art & Craft categories to choose from.

We have over 100 different categories covering every aspect of crafting and handmade activities.

Lists as many items as you want to.

Just 10p a month

No commission

No quantity restriction

Un-limited updates

Stay on the front page


Every time you re-list an Art or Craft item you jump straight back to the top of the pile.

We do the marketing so you don't have to


With over 1500 visitors a day and portals to all the big search engines; it's all covered.

Everything appears in Twitter

Follow us on Twitter. Search for @MOCHandmade.


OviFind it. See it. It's all on our Nokia App.

Special Marketing Promotions

We run special Art and Craft promotions from time to time to help encourage a particular group to MyOwnCreation. Look out for our special PROMO CODES.

News and Comment

Your chance to air your own art & craft articles and tips alongside bits and pieces we pick up from the handmade craft industry.

Free shop and web page

Just tick a box when you log in an everything you list will apear in your very own MyOwnCreation Shop with its own URL for you to use and share.

See it on Facebook

Facebook You can follow all our blog entries and see everything as its listed all in one place. Follow us on MyOwnCreation

Links to your own website

This is a great way to boost your own website ranking. Every item you list with your website displayed is one step closer to a better pagerank.

Confidential message system

Email We need to have your details but you can trust us not to sell them or pass them on.

Un-limited updates

Updated listings stay closer to the front of the queue. Visit your art or craft listing often and you'll see it in RSS time and time again.

Unique credit system saves lots of trips to PayPal

PayPalPayPal is a great way to pay but we avoid the repeat trips with our own credit system which saves on transaction fees.

RSS feeds


RSSOur RSS feeds enable your art and craft items to be found in all manner of places near and far. And its all included.

Everything in one place with your own Control Panel

Everything you need is in one place. Easy.


We wont sell or distribute your details.

Large and diverse range of all things handmade

Greeting cards

Established brand

We've been around since 2006 so we are high on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. A great advantage when selling handmade gifts. Check it out... do a search for handmade gifts and see what happens.

Members gallery and profile

Add whatever details you want about yourself and you can even include a photograph.

Craft Fair Diary

Tell everyone about your craft show..... FREE! See our Craft Fair Diary page for more details.