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Soapkraft - cute kitten mini novelty soaps x 6

seriously cute little kitten mini soaps, made with goatsmilk in assorted colours and fragrances, all picked at random. approx. size 4cm x 2cm x 1cm...
£2.99  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - dog/cat paw print novelty soaps x 2

lovely little paw print soaps, great novelty soap for kids. they measure approx 5cm diameter and are approx 1cm depth. (approx 2" diameter) ...
£2.99  P&P £0.00

Soapkraft - penguin novelty black/white soaps x 4

cute penguin shaped novelty soaps, made with glycerin and SLS FREE. approx 4.5cm x 4cm x 2cm depth, (1 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"), great for kid...
£3.49  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - owl mini novelty soaps x 6

cute little owl shaped soap, made with goatsmilk, and in comes in assorted colours and fragrances. approx. size 3cm x 3cm (1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/...
£3.25  P&P £0.00

Soapkraft - cute elephant novelty soap x 1

a lovely cute elephant novelty soap, great for children, comes in different colours and fragrances, made with goats milk which is gentle on the skin. ...
£3.25  P&P £0.00

Soapkraft - alphabet novelty childrens soap tiles x 26 peices

lovely little alphabet soap tiles, they are made with goats milk, and come in assorted colours and fragrances. great gift for children. th...
£5.99  P&P £1.00

Soapkraft - peppa pig childrens novelty cup cake soaps x 2

lovely little cup cakes, with pepper pig decoration on top, made with goats milk, with a strawberry and cupcake fragrance. size approx 4.5cm diamet...
£3.49  P&P £2.00

Soapkraft - thomas the tank novelty childrens soap squares x 2

delightful thomas the tank soap, made with goats milk and a jelly bean fragrance. size approx 4.5cm x 3cm and weigh 15grams each this listing is...
£2.50  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - winnie the pooh novelty childrens soap bar x 1

lovely little winnie the pooh novelty shaped soaps, with goats milk and a fragrance of rhubarb and custard, which children will love. approx size 6...
£4.25  P&P £2.00

Soapkraft - novelty childrens frog soap x 4

lovely friendly frog novelty goats milk soap. in various coours and fragrances. picked at random. size 4cm x 3cm 4 soaps weighing a total of 70...
£3.75  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - lego childrens novelty soap x 8 peices

little lego men and lego blocks, especially for little hands, children will love them. with added shea butter, they come in various colours and frag...
£4.99  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - alien childrens novelty soaps x 10

delightful alein style soaps, with added shea butter in various colour and fragrances, picked at random. children will love them. approx 3cm x 2c...
£3.50  P&P £Free

Soapkraft - Hearts & Roses soaps x 8

lovely little heart and roses soaps, perfect for a special occasion. made with goats milk in assorted colours and fragrances, picked at random. you w... MyOwnCreation Art and Craft Logo
£3.69  P&P £Free